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The Many Featurs of OneNote

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Posted 10 February 2018 - 03:02 PM

This topic was prompted by a post by a member of another forum who mentioned not being familiar with OneNote.  Since OneNote is one of my favorite apps, I am sharing this for the benefit of others who may not be familiar with OneNote.

I have multiple notebooks in OneNote, all organized with numerous sections and I use it throughout the day -- on my laptop, desktop and phone.  A few example notebooks are notebooks for Books & TV, Personal, Recipes, Windows & Programs and more.  Coincidentally, I recently replied to a Twitter comment Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider Program at Microsoft, posted about OneNote saying, "I agree 100%. I use it constantly. With it synched from laptop to desktop to phone, I have important information, notes, references, resources, etc. at my fingertips wherever I am." which resulted in a Microsoft OneNote Twitter reply asking me which features I use the most.  I provided a screen copy of a page from my Books & TV notebook:

Posted Image

As can be seen in the image, I have favorite authors indexed and listed alphabetically in OneNote.  Each author page includes a link to their website and a list of their books.  Since I read three or four books a week, this is how I keep track of which books I've read and the books next on the list to borrow from the library.  The list also came in handy when plodr and I were discussing authors not long ago.  I went through my list and gave her links to a number of favorite authors and she gave me names that I added to a list to check the library online catalog.

In the "Recipe" notebook, I have a "Grocery List".  It is broken down by category (produce, dairy, baking, etc.) and has check boxes (To do).  When I'm running low on something, I place a check next to the item.  Then, the next trip to the grocery store, I pull up the list and uncheck each item as I add it to the grocery cart.  No more forgetting to pick up some needed item.  

The OneNote app is pre-installed on Windows 10.  The desktop, phone, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android versions are available at the locations below.  Also included is the Web link for OneNote online:

One last thing for this starter topic: In the Twitter conversation I mentioned above, the conversation went back & forth for a bit and, coincidentally, whoever does the Microsoft OneNote Twitter account created and posted the cutest (ok, to me it was cute) image yesterday.  

Posted Image

Please share tricks, tips and how you use OneNote or ask questions about features.
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Posted 09 March 2018 - 02:06 PM

I also am using OneNote for organizing books/authors for across devices. Also planning to use it for movies as well. I like OneNote and save the Notebooks to OneDrive.

I think it's a great idea for recipes as well.
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