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To understand the command line...

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Posted 01 October 2012 - 03:05 AM


...you must first understand Unix.
I gave another talk at my local LUG this week. The idea was to set the scene so I could then move onto more useful things like git, perl, javascript, etc.

I wanted to begin by getting everybody comfortable and familiar with the command line. The concept I wanted to put across was that using the CLI is like walking into the film 10 minutes before the end. It doesn't make sense because you don't know what lead up to it.

Imagine knowing nothing about Lord Of The Rings and then only being shown the ending. You'd see Sam & Frodo slogging their way up a mountain with the single goal of throwing a ring into it, for some reason. After almost killing themselves to get there, Frodo announces he's not going to do it after all. Then he vanishes. Then a little hairless freak runs in, floats around excitedly, Frodo reappears, baldie has the ring. He falls into the lava and the ring melts. For some reason, at the exact same time, a massive black tower with a flaming cat's eye on the top falls down; and the ground collapses, swallowing up the huge army of orcs but very conveniently not harming the small army of humans they were facing.

How much of that makes any kind of sense? None, it's nonsense. You can't grasp the meaning of any of these events without knowing the backdrop. And you can't understand why the CLI is the way it is today for the same reason. It was built by some amazingly clever people, and they didn't try and make it as obtuse and hard-to-understand as possible. Quite the contrary, they did their best to make it as sensible and intuitive as possible.

So in order to understand how the CLI is sensible and intuitive, it helps to understand how it got to where it is today. Hence my talk..............

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Posted 01 October 2012 - 03:26 PM

Long - but defintely worth reading!  I've met a lot of tech nerds who couldn't explain technical stuff worth a darn, lack of social & verbal skills....whatnot.  That guy has an interesting background and you can tell he's passionate about Unix.  Very well written.

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