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"Parent" Distributions

17 Aug 2018

Posted by raymac46 in Bruno's All Things Linux
What with Debian celebrating 25 years of service to the Linux Community I thought it might be fun to discuss how many of the "parent" Linux distros we have tried and stuck with. Here's my list:

Red Hat - I have tried Fedora back in my distro farming days but the closest I ever got was a lengthy run of Mandriva/Mageia.
SUSE - tried Open SUSE in Virtual Box but never got anywhere with it.
Slackware - I've installed it once or twice but never stuck with it. Not sure why. I used Vector Linux a lot though - great on real old hardware.
Arch - now we're talking. Arch is the one parent distro I would use in preference to its spin-off distros like Manjaro. Still have it installed on one of my machines.
Debian - I'm all over this. I use Debian and at least 3 of its derived distros. Debian isn't as interesting as Arch though.
Gentoo - No. Just no.

To sum up - if I had one parent distro I'd choose above all others it would be Arch.

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Happy Birthday Debian!

16 Aug 2018

Posted by sunrat in Bruno's All Things Linux
August 16 1993, Ian Murdock announces Debian on comp.os.linux.development.
What a long strange trip it's been. Well, probably only 10 years for me.


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LOAF aka Linux On A Floppy

17 Aug 2018

Posted by wa4chq in Bruno's All Things Linux
My need to see magic happen in my early daze of having a computer revolved around loading floppies with  things like drdos and linux on floppies.  I've mentioned this many times since joining the BATL group, I had no clue as to what I was doing.  But I was having fun. BasicLinux https://distro.ibiblio.org/baslinux/ really started my road to 99.9% linux for me.  I'm using my phone now so it's hard to include examples with links but BL revolved around Slackware 3.5...(3.5 wasn't the latest version at the time, it's just what they used) I got that baby installed on my Toshiba Satelite  with dos on the side, dual-booted with loadlin.....didn't understand any of it but all worked and I was happy.  Later installed slack 7 and Icewm pimped with a dialup modem....righteous!  I was obsessed with burning small distros to floppies and seeing what appeared on the screen.  There used to be a lot available.  I tried many...but BL I used the most.
What Linux floppy distros did you try?

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